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3 Cs for Best Home Cinema Experience

By Tanmay Mehta 3mins Read June 1,2021

A home theater is just a dream for many people, however as many luxury homeowners know, a luxurious theater can almost be considered a mainstay for luxury real estate. Adding one can potentially add both function and value and can certainly make movie nights more exciting at home. You’ll look forward to entertaining friends and family when you gather to enjoy your favorite films with Proper Popcorn and watch new releases in a great environment without having to wait in lines or finding parking spaces at the local theater. Adding a home theatre is a great way to express your taste and personality while enhancing the style and décor of your home.

Here are 3 Cs which you have to consider for creating the ultimate home theatre experience in your home:

If you are looking to buy the best home theater speakers for your surround sound system, then you have many things to consider. It is not just about the budget there are different types of speakers today we will see all types of the speaker in this article.

The three main types of speaker found in the home these days are –

1. Connections –

Imagine being stuck at the airport in covid time in a foreign country wherein nobody understands your language. You are clueless as to where to go, what to do, whom to contact, or how to do the next step. All you wish for in such scenarios is to have a roadmap with instructions right in front of you so that you don’t have to rely on speaking to others and can try to resolve the situation by yourself.

Having roadmaps, to-do things or a step-by-step instruction guide is very important today. But wait, don’t we get the manuals along with the products? Can’t I just rely on them for my home theater? Well, the answer to this is that home theater is not a single product. It's more like an assembly of various devices connected to deliver the final output. Also, those manuals are pretty thick and everyone hates to go through them.

To make your lives easy and to have a pleasurable experience, one of the First Cs is to understand and draw the Connections of Home Theater. These connections can be depicted in the form of a Flowchart and along with it, a simple one-page step-by-step guide can be kept handy in case of any emergencies.

I have seen many people being complacent about the connections because of our curiosity and excitement for the home cinema experience. But what we forget is to understand these flowchart diagrams to understand devices connected and the cables used to do so. At any point in the future, if something fails or there is an issue, this knowledge will always help you to resolve it quickly.

2. Calibration –

I always say to my customers that it does not matter which system or which equipments you buy. The entire magic of the home cinema experience lies in the Calibration of the system. It's like that secret ingredient that gets the best output from the system but not many great installers will reveal it as it's their secret to success.

Now I am not saying, that you should know that! But you should always have the system properly calibrated by a professional. For those of you, who are wondering what to calibrate? Where to calibrate? And How to Calibrate?

Let me throw some light on that, in a home theater experience you can calibrate the video as well as audio settings in a manner to which they shall respond to your room and the content you play. And to do so, you need a professional who can understand these settings of your AV Receivers, TV, or Projectors as well as the Media Players or any other sources you use. In our recent video, we have discussed the 5 Best Settings of the AVR, which you can also watch.

Calibration’s technical meaning is to compare the measurement of your device against the traceable reference device. In the home theater industry, when we do this calibration, we measure the performance of your home theater against the desired or best reference performance. And with the help of settings, we try to get as closer as possible to it.

3. Consultation –

We all have been surrounded by so much information which is available everywhere, that we tend to make decisions based on those bits of pieces. What we fail to realise then and we regret later is that I should have had bought this instead of this, or maybe this was cheaper than what I bought. Even the feeling that if at all I had known someone who can guide me would have helped me make the right decision.

To avoid such disappointments especially when you are investing high amounts in these valuable products and systems, it is very important to consider the third and final C of Home Theater Experience, which is CONSULTANCY. You need a consultant while buying home theater for multiple reasons, like guiding you with the cables, locations of equipment, the electrical layouts and diagrams, selection and procurement of materials and finally for Connections and Calibrations.

One may wonder, that why should we pay for installations and auxiliary services, when we are paying for products? If all you want is someone to move boxes then you can pay only for products. But when you desire to buy an experience that involves the right guidance and support on-site as well as off-site, then you cannot miss this important C of your Ultimate Home Cinema experience.

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