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Epson Home Theatre TW750 1080p

By Tanmay Mehta 3mins Read Oct 16,2020

It's time to say goodbye to this fantastic companion of in good times that is the Epson THW 650 projector. Epson 650 now officially ends of life products in the Indian market.

The newest model which is the big brother of Epson 650 projector that is Epson EH-TW750. Epson 750 projector is expected to launch in India in November around the first week.

Now before we say goodbye to Epson 650 and welcome the new model Epson 750 let's try to find out that What are the different features that you are expected to have in the new model.

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Key Features

• Enjoy the big screen experience: Supersize your favorite films, games, and sporting events at home

• Easy to set up: Keystone correction, built-in Wi-Fi, and iProjection app

• Affordable, high-tech equipment: Enjoy this Full HD 1080p projector

• Impressive, bright display: Equally high White and Colour Light Output of 3,400 lumens


Epson 650 was with 3100 lumens the Epson 750 model is with 3400 lumens so that's a fantastic job of around 300 lumens which means that even with great Ambience or with a lot of ambient lights this model will help you get a good picture on the screen even with so many lights on so,
basically this projector is again going to be a more or less like a living room or a media room Projector. Epson 750 is going to explore restaurants, cafes and lounges cause these are other areas where there is not much darkness but you need to have a good projector to showcase all the life Sports.

Contrast ratio

the contrast ratio for Epson 650 is15000:1 this model is not very high in terms of contrast ratio and Epson 750 is with 16000:1 well, that's not great but ok to some extend you can see that ok it's a little better over the older model but it's not a great difference.


the third feature over here is that of the lamp now earlier Epson 650 model was more or less compatible of around 5000 hours in a normal mode and 10000 hours in the Eco mode with elder brother the lamp life is also going to increase which means are the lamp life on normal mode in Epson 750 projector is 6000 hours and with Eco mode, It is 12000 hours, so that a fantastic jump and it is going to help us in on the projector for at least a year of 6 to 7 years with three hours of daily content consumption now one of the best features that I have seen that has been added in the Epson 750

another thing I want to discuss is Epson 650 was there with only with projection app and there was not casting support which means that you get your phone connected to the projector via the protection app you have to leave your internet network which is connected to another home router or Wifi so, you will join the project is Wi-Fi network on the hotspot so that you can wirelessly screencast and send images from your phone to the projector.

who are having 750 and are going to have an Android phone you don't have to leave your home network you don't have to leave your existing internet connection you can just cast the image directly to this projector using Miracast so that's a fantastic win with the Epson 750 projector.

Check out Epson 750 Video

Other features

Wide Variety of Colour Modes

Choose from a comprehensive range of color modes, calibrated to suit your viewing environment and contents. Enjoy vivid image quality during the day without the need to dim the lights.

Wide-range Connectivity

With integrated support for multiple connection methods, including HDMI to suit a wide range of entertainment devices, the EH-TW650 makes home entertainment more accessible than ever.

Wireless Transmission

Enjoy this convenient solution for smooth and smart projection. With the iProjection app, you can project images directly from Android and Apple iOS tablets and smartphones. Install iProjection for PC application to have a wireless projection from PC or laptop.

Split Screen

Split-screen allows inputs from two separate sources to be displayed side by side on the same screen. In a video conference, for example, images of presentation materials and remote participants can be shown simultaneously.

Detail Enhancement

Heighten your gaming experience by bringing more clarity to dark scenes and enjoy your game the way it was made with detail enhancement. This mode improves the response speed for images* projected at high-speed.

Horizontal Keystone Adjustment

Easily correct and eliminate distorted images with the intuitive one-touch horizontal keystone adjuster. Vertical distortion is detected by the projector itself and is corrected automatically. With a combination of adjustment features to correct image distortion, you’ll be able to enjoy a broader range of placement options.

Superior Placement Flexibility

With the zoom lens and keystone adjustment features, you’ll have a broader range of placement possibilities. Fewer placement limitations mean it’ll be easier for you to relax while enjoying your favorite entertainment on the big screen.