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7 Make in India Electronic brands!

By Tanmay Mehta 3mins Read July 09,2020

With the current Boycott China movement, we are going to check the Top 7 Make in India Electronic brands that you can consider as alternatives for your consumer electronic requirements.

What is a consumer electronic product? Well basically, any electronic product that you consume every day, like TV, mobile phones, headphones, laptops, cameras, chargers, speakers, etc. are known as consumer electronic products. 70% of these consumer electronics used across the world are manufactured in China. While the others are dependent on China for small spare parts required to manufacture the finished goods. So, the most mysterious question of make in India products is whether they are 100% made in India?

To answer this question, we are now going to check the products of some of the Indian brands and see if these are really 100% Made in India.

1. BoAt –

Located in Mumbai, BoAt is originally a brand name of an India-based company "Imagine Marketing Services Pvt. Ltd” which was incorporated in November 2013. Kartik Aryan, Jacqueline Fernandez, Hardik Pandya, Guru Randhawa have been past brand ambassadors of BoAt which markets earphones, headphones stereos, travel chargers, and premium rugged cables. BoAt designs and markets a variety of audio-focused consumer electronics including wireless earbuds, wired headphones, wireless speakers, home audio equipment, and an assortment of mobile phone accessories. But do you think this is 100% make in India? Guess what, it’s not! We checked a Boat Rockers wireless in-ear phone and the country of manufacture clearly mentions China.

2. Portronics –

A New Delhi based company started in 2010, Portronics is a leading gadgets brand of India and has been prevalent in the market since the last 10 years. This brand provides many electronics and digital items and is a reliable brand for speakers, headphones and earphones. According to a media portal, the company has seen a growth of at least 50% year on year. They have captured a significant share of the electronics accessories market is a very short time by concentrating on peripherals for laptops and mobile phones. Their name was actually coined by joining portable and electronics together, and the result of that is ‘PortRonics’. Their success also came through brand licensing with Disney and Marvel. Do you think Portronics is 100% Make in India? Well, not 100% their spare parts are still manufactured in China. Also, some of their products like speakers are imported from China and marketed under their brand name.

3. Mivi -

An Indian Brand which is a brain child of a couple in Vijayawada. The name Mivi is coined from the initials of their names, (Mi)dhula and (Vi)swanadh. Mivi has quite a good range of products. Chargers, USB Cables, power banks, screen gaurds, custom and designer cases, audio accessories such as earphones and head phones and car accessories too. Mivi is designed specifically for Indian customer base. Generally foreign brand products do not cope well with Indian environment, shifts in electric current and voltage fluctuations. Hence they ware out easily. But Mivi’s products are BIS certified are made to withstand the Indian environment, including voltage fluctuations, and protect the device. Mivi provides one-year manufacturer warranty and claims that their representatives fix things if the customer faces any problem with the product. They are easily approachable as they are available on most of social media platforms.

Now to check whether they are 100% made in India, we ordered their famous Mivi Thunderbird Wireless Earphones. And guess what, this is also made in China!

4. Zebronics –

Zebronics is another Indian company that manufactures earphones and headphones. The company was established in the year 1997 and the headquarters of the company is in Chennai. They are well regarded in areas like Audio, Computer peripherals, Computer Accessories, Surveillance, Gaming, and Power Solutions. Their earphones and headphones range includes products from wired earphones to wireless neckbands.

We tried to check their products for Make in India proof, and guess what, more than 75% of their entire product range is manufactured in China!

5. Evidson –

Evidson is an Indian company that was established when the ‘Make in India’ movement commenced in India. The company has earned a good reputation among its customers. And Evidson has been primarily selling their range of earphones and headphones online on various ecommerce portals. Their website, their product packaging boasts ‘Make in India’ and to confirm this claim, we ordered their signature Vibe series in-ear phones, Vibe.

And guess what, this is really Made in India! At an online price of Rs. 500/- this brand is surely going to make justice to boycott china movement.

6. iBall –

iBall is India’s premier homegrown tech accessory brand that was founded in the year 2001. iBall has over 100 million users and is trusted by many. Their product portfolio ranges from mouse to keyboards to routers to power banks to Bluetooth speakers to headphones and now in True Wireless Stereos. They have evolved with the markets and that’s why been able to capture the Indian markets completely.

But the question comes again, whether they’re 100% make in India? Well, the answer is again NO! Because the lithium ion batteries in power banks or laptops are only available in China, their speakers are also manufactured in China. So, with 75% of their product portfolio manufactured in China, they’re yet to be a 100% make in india company.

We are going to talk about what you should do in such cases, where in the brands are Indian but are not 100% manufactured in India, but before that let’s check our last Make in India brand which is,

7. Signature Acoustics –

Signature Acoustics is based in Navi Mumbai and was launched by Captain Gautam Banerjee in the year 2010. Since the start, this company strived for perfection and High-Fidelity Audio quality. And that’s why rose to popularity in National and International Markets. Their Signature color combination of wood and black colour has created a great identity for them. They disrupted the market by bringing in wooden earphones, wooden headphone stands. The love of good audio, guitar and fine music has now transformed into a variety of earphones that are trusted by many users. Signature Acoustics is widely considered to be a reliable brand.

All their products are conceptualized in India. And some of their products like the wooden earphones are actually made in India!

With all this the main question still might be unanswered, do we buy or not buy these products which are partly manufactured in China, though owned by Indian companies?

Drop in your answers in the comments below, but if you ask me for my answer!

Well my answer is simple; these companies must not be enjoying the China tag either but they have to buy either spare parts of finished parts from China for two primary reasons – Cost and Production! The more you help them and support them, they shall be in a position to setup the same manufacturing plants in India and the dependability can be reduced.

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So, if you feel, that you need any consumer electronic products and can avoid the China or non-Indian brands, then go for these products. Because your purchase may not be big with them but it definitely plays a significant role in boosting confidence and support for these fellow Indian companies.