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By Tanmay Mehta 3mins Read Oct 23,2020

In today Blog we are going to discuss about JBL newly launched an upgraded product for desktop monitors which is JBL 104 BT

laptops and desktops have new found best friends of all of us, right from our work solutions to your kids classroom or your zoom family gatherings or even at times watching your friend celebrations it can be online gaming a it can be binge watching on Netflix is JBL 104BT

I know you would agree on this, JBL will actually give it a great boost to the computer audio segment for increasing their product range to fulfill this particular rising demand of a much more better audio quality which is required for your all the other application. JBL in the past has also played very well in this particular computer audio segment with their products.

JBL Harman are part of one same family now this time to JBL has launched a new product called JBL 104 BT and they are going to make a big revolution in this particular segment now the reason why I am saying this because the device is very compact which is coming with the Bluetooth feature 5.2 as the name suggests and their Prime only targeted to all the your professionals like bloggers, musicians for broadcasters and these are apart from the regular consumers.

104-BT, the speaker has a 4.5-inch low-frequency driver and a 0.75-inch soft dome tweeter. It has a power output of 60W (30W per speaker) and a frequency response of 60 Hz - 20 kHz. The speaker with the amp weighs 2.06kgs while the passive speaker weighs 1.73kgs.

benefit of having a passive second speaker is that you can actually increase the distance between the two speakers for very good stereo separation and this can be well received by music lovers this can be also well received by your kids for looking to connect the tablets or iPod or iPad your laptop for any virtual classrooms at the best thing is you got an aux input in the front.

In the Box

● 1 x 104-BT Master Monitor

● 1 x 104-BT Extension Monitor

● 1 x Extension monitor speaker wire (2-conductor, 2 meters)

●1 x 3.5 mm to RCA audio cable

● 1 x Regional power cable

● 1 x Quick setup guide

Powering Interface

● System Power Handling30 W x 2 @ 100 hours, IEC/SMS

● System PolarityEIA

● AC Input Voltage100 – 240 VAC (Β± 10%), 50/60 Hz

● Current Draw85 watts

● Electrical Current Draw (W) Idle 100 / 240 VAC3.52 / 3.70

● Electrical Current Draw (W) Max Power 100 / 240 VAC80 / 80

● Electrical Current Draw (W) Low Power Standby Mode 100 / 240 VAC0.34 / 0.46

Audio Input

● System Input TypeBluetooth, 3.17 mm Aux, RCA, 1/4" TRS balanced

● Input Selection OptionsBluetooth, Aux, RCA, TRS, All

JBL 104-BT boasts of Bluetooth, Aux, RCA, TRS and a headphones port. For Bluetooth, it supports Bluetooth 5.0. The inputs can be changed via a button on the front of the speaker. There is also an β€œall” option that combines the output from all the inputs. An optional protective carrying case will also be available for the speakers.

JBL is know for its loudness it may not be great in terms of the vocal clarity but it surely has got that loudness which is required at times for certain application like music it can be watching movies it can be playing games.

Now this speaker comes in two different colors one which is black and the second on which is the white model is obviously they called as level 104 BTW the w stands for white. now you really need this speaker well if you're looking for a budgetary home recording setup then this can be the product for you if you are looking for a lesser decent audio system with your computer or laptop maybe for games.

you can also connected to your phone's so you can use it as a good system in your room but if you're looking for a two way communication or participation in meetings of classroom then this might not be the right product for you cause it does not have an in-built microphone like all the other computer speakers but they've got an interesting headphone jack in the front which is a which can help you connect any normal headphone and use the microphone of that particular headphone to participate in the meetings.

Now here is something more interesting for discuss this speaker has got TRS balance inputs now what is TRS T stand for tape R stands for ring and S stands for sleep now TRS input is like a larger aux connection that you have recently seen and it is required for connecting most of your musical instruments.

JBL104 BT is priced at around 11500 INR online in Indian rupees and it is a great product but for a selector audience it may not be a great fit for everyone but I am sure that the segment that they are targeting is pretty much as the ones that we have discussed now those already using it

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