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What is better? Soundbar or Installed surround sound system

By Tanmay Mehta 3mins Read Oct 22,2020

Today we are going to see What is the difference between real vs virtual surround sound system.

The War between soundbar versus install sound system is been going on for so many decades and it's just getting bigger and wider with the technology is evolving in both the segments now before we decide who the winner lets understand the basic of the soundbar and installed sound system and what should you buy based on your requirements and budget.

Surround sound there are two types of surrounds that are playing a vital role first one is the virtual surround sound and the second one is the real surround sound.

virtual surround technology is mostly observed in the soundbars which are packed with all the channels in one single cabinet they have front three speakers left and right then and there are two surround speakers were not in this particular box and now it is there is also an atmos soundbar so, basically your atmos speakers also bundled up in the same particular cabinet but, once again all this in only one cabinet.

How does this Sound Bar work?

They work in a direction and orientation method. Which can deliver the virtual surround sound and achieve better results they need a typical room size or a typical room layout in a rectangular format with very reflective surfaces on the side walls as well as on the rear wall.

Usually, bedroom layout is a good fit for it and it is only possible nowadays in your bedroom Cause Your living rooms media room family room these are all very open and that is why soundbars failed to deliver a surround sound system in the living room. Your bedrooms to some extent where if you have side was and drivers are the ones when you can go for this type of wireless 5.1 surround sound system if you are planning to buy a sound system for your other areas then go for the installed sound system.

if you are planning for a new house then you should go to install sound systems. The only significant challenge is that the cost involved in the surround sound system as compared to the install sound system is a little higher compared to the virtual surround soundbar.

I know that there are not many brands that are doing this. The only brands that have been mastering into this detachable surrounds are JBL and the first one was Philips. with their product managed to do the detachable game and if you see how the industry is changed into words this particular segment and their planning to have this real surrounds by actually using a Sound Bar only now this way you don't have to worry about wiring you can enjoy surround sound a proper 5.1 channel on our days within atmos sound.

But, they may not be that pocket friendly compared to the virtual surround us but there's still not very expensive like to install a sound system. The detachable sound was changing the game for the virtual and the real sound system and this is more like a hybrid combination for the surround sound system. but one of the biggest drawbacks of these particular soundbars detachable as well as virtual ones is that the separation of the front three speakers.

5.1 or a 5.1.2 channel surround sound system you have three speakers in the front which is your left-center and right channels and the rest of them are in the surrounds or on atmosphere channels now obviously the would be always separate in both the cases the majority of the sound that you watch in a movie or a show comes from this front-rear speakers and when they arrived in nearly placed what happens is the sound of the center gets overpowered by these two left and right speaker.

If you are planning for a good home cinema surround sound system make a budget and provision for wiring and always go for install sound system compared to any wireless sound Bass these are the system which can actually deliver you the real surround sound system and only if you already possess such install sound systems then and then only go for soundbars in all the other areas because I can understand that they are wireless and pocket friendly so obviously for these benefits your mind always tend to get diverted to this kind of soundbar.