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What should you have in your home? Projector or TV?

By Ronak Shah 3mins Read Nov 20,2019

If you asked me same question few years backs I would had suggested to go for a TV. Because projector were really exist and had a hard time for it. In 2019 if you ask me same question I will suggest you through ask different question to get better action.

Because now a days, a projector and TV both are getting better, less expensive.

So if you want to buy a projector or a TV ask yourself this questions.

1. What type of content do I watch?

2. Do I already own at least one TV right now?

3. In which room do I plan to use the TV or projector?

If you already answered this question. Congrats you are about to make a decision. Before buying I will suggest you to check the following pros and cons. Of projector and TV.



1.Image size – If you have a 120 inch screen and it looks massive in my condition.

2.Viewing Angles - You can look at the screen from multiple angles and it still looks decent.

3.You can hide the screen when not in use - screen is motorized and painted the same colour as the wall. When not in use, you just retract it. You barely notice it, unlike a TV which is a big black rectangular on your wall.


1. Need external audio and a screen - The on board speaker sucks and is practically unusable. Fortunately, you need a receiver and some great floor speakers to connect it to.

2. Messy wires are an issue – you had to string HDMI, the power cable, and an audio cable to wall and across living room.

3. Noisy - It does have an audible whirring sound but it’s not noticeable once you have a movie playing.

4. Need a dark room - It does OKAY with a little ambient light, but I don’t recommend it.

5. Need to mount somewhere - While we could just put it on our coffee table when we feel like movies, getting the picture dialled in is a pain, so we opted to have it mounted. It’s a bit of an eye sore, but it’s much more convenient.



1.Great in any light - TV’s are bright, and they look almost as good in a bright sunny room as they do in a dark one.

2.Easy to hide cables - There is furniture and accessories like sound bars that are specifically designed to make the TV and the TV area more attractive as well as hide ugly wiring. Not so with a projector.

3.Usually lots of inputs/outputs - Most TVs have a wealth of connection options for all of your devices.

4.Sharp picture - A 4K HDR TV is hard to beat.


1. Price - Sure, TV’s have gone down in price but you’ll still pay for a high quality image, especially when you get bigger than 65″

2. Not the biggest option - There are TV’s available that are larger than 75″ but they are expensive and hard to move.

3 Kind of ugly when not in use - Personally, I don’t like the look of a big black rectangle on my wall. Some people don’t mind though.

Now you have brief idea about TV and projector.

If you are still confused book a demo with us. And we will make sure to clear all your doubts.

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