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In-ceiling vs Atmos Firing speaker | which is better for the 3D surround sound experience?

By Tanmay Mehta 3mins Read June 1,2021

Do you want to upgrade your current home theater experience to the next 3D surround sound experience? You should consider either In-Ceiling speakers or Atmos speakers. Dolby Atmos is the new hotness when it comes to home theater gear, but there are a lot of different ways you can incorporate Atmos into your setup.

Let’s first understand the difference between an In-ceiling speaker and an Atmos speaker.

In-ceiling speaker

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These are for those of you who are looking for the most discreet audio install possible. Ceiling speakers are cut and mounted into the ceiling above your room. The quality of in-ceiling speakers can range from background listening options to full audiophile level speakers. Please get in touch with one of our friendly advisors to ensure we make your budget go as far as possible.

Atmos Speaker –

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Atmos is a surround-sound technology that was originally developed in 2012. It expands upon the current 5.1 and 7.1 surround-sound set-ups with surround channels coming from overhead. ... Each speaker in an Atmos system has its discrete feed, enabling new front-, surround- and ceiling-mounted height channels.

Atmos firing speakers are specially designed, upward-firing speakers. Each is a traditional speaker but also has separate drivers that shoot sound to bounce off the ceiling. These are tuned so the bounced audio sounds correct to your ears. At the bottom, a soundbar designed to do the same

Now the question is which the best speaker for any sound system is. Most of you guys go with the In-ceiling speaker as they are hard-wired above you. The Atmos firing speaker is good if you are already done with all the wiring and now you don’t want to focus or damage any existing setup.

The one drawback of Atmos firing speaker is it works when you are near to Tv or sound system because the reflection from the speaker is at a small angle also the reflection will work only when ceiling height is less than 9 ft.

If you are going to use an Atmos speaker for a rare speaker then again the distance should not be more than 10 ft. otherwise the Atmos experience will not be delivered.

Now there is another kind of speaker available in the market which is Front height speaker.

Front height Speaker –

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The height speaker channels should be placed in the upper left/right corners of the front stage. Typically, this will be 40-45 degrees off-axis and about 8 feet in height.

The height speakers enhance imaging in the vertical plane and can even be used to create sound effects which seem to come from directly above the listening position, which provides total immersion into the surround sound experience.

You have to configure this Front Height speaker in your AVR as an Atmos speaker. If you do that your sound experience will be much better than the atmos speaker. You can use the same Atmos speaker for the front-height speaker. Just buy a wall-mount and place it at the height and the job is done for you.

If you need more help in deciding which speaker is best for your home make sure you book a call with us -

Here is the full video explanation of the In-ceiling vs Atmos Firing speaker | Which is better for the 3D surround sound experience?