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4 Types of Home Theater Systems | Best Home Theatre Systems in 2021

By Tanmay Mehta 3mins Read June 1,2021

What do you think when you heard the name of Home Theater? Well, most probably you will think of some speakers, a good chair, and a dark room, right?

But, let me tell is it’s more than just a few speakers and a good chair.

In today’s articles, we will discuss 4 basic types of home theater that are available in the market.

4 types of Home Theater

  • HTIB (Home theater in a Box)
  • Sound-bar
  • AV Component System
  • AV Separate System

HTIB (Home-theater-in-a-box)

Home Theater

A home theater in a box (HTIB) is an integrated home theater package which "bundles" together with a combination DVD or Blu-ray player, a multi-channel amplifier (which includes a surround sound decoder, a radio tuner, and other features), speaker wires, connection cables, a remote control, a set of five or more surround sound speakers.

HTIB is an "all-in-one" way for consumers to enjoy the surround sound experience of home cinema, even if they do not want toor do not have the electronics "know-how" to pick out all of the components one-by-one and connect the cables. If a consumer were to buy all of the items individually, they would have to have a basic knowledge of electronics.

Usually five surround sound speakers, a subwoofer, and a disc player/amplifier - Commonly sold by big retail stores, these are off-the-shelf systems that are budgetary and provide a decent surround sound experience. There is no scope of customization in such packages and are pleasant companions in your living or bedroom.


Home Theater

A Soundbar is a type of loudspeaker that projects audio from a wide enclosure. It is much wider than it is tall, partly for acoustic reasons, and partly so it can be mounted above or below a display device. A long, thin bar containing several loudspeaker drivers.

A soundbar is specifically designed to complement the TV in the home. It is worth buying sound because you can experience audio better than the speakers that will suit a small-sized room.

Elongated Speaker Bars with Built-In Amplifiers are nothing but wireless HTiBs that are mounted below the TV and provide a virtual surround sound experience and are ideal for Bedroom Televisions.

AV Component system

Home Theater

AV Receiver, Speakers, Subwoofers, and Single/Multiple Input Sources form the AV Component System which is assembled or custom solutions designed as per the room, budget, interior design, etc. These are the best systems for your Modern Day solutions in Living Rooms, Media Rooms, and Cinema Rooms.

The Simple difference between HTIB and AV component systems is you can buy separate products and do customization. Most of the dedicated home theaters come under this category.

AV Separate System

AV Separate System is a kind of subcategory of Component Separates. It just replaces the receiver with a separate preamplifier.

An AV receiver is a one-box solution containing an AM/FM tuner, preamplifier/processor, and amplification. AV Separates divide these components out into two or more chassis, most commonly one box for the tuner and preamplifier/processor, and another for the amplification.

When it comes to comparing receivers to amplifiers and preamps, the differences are found in their functionality. If you have more than one input device then a receiver makes sense, but if you want a truly customized home theater system, then an amp might be the better option.

Here the full video comparison of 4 different Home theater