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Best Budget Home Cinema System For Your House!

By Tanmay Mehta 3mins Read Nov 04,2020

How to build a Budget home theatre system or what are the options that you should look out for when you want to have a great experience of home theatre but, at the lowest price.

Today in this blog we are going to discuss all the possible options available to design a budge home theatre system

Lets 1st get educated on what is a home cinema system?

A home cinema system today comprises at least of full HD projector and a 5.1 channel surround or sound system so these are the two most important parameters required to complete that home cinema system. Now, what are the options you should consider when you buy a full HD projector well, full HD projector Generally start from around 15,000 Indian rupees and two of our top recommendations for this Epson 650 projector and the second one is the Benq MH 550 model so these are the two projectors which you can consider to create a good decent home cinema system at a very low price so this is all about a project but, a project is incomplete without a screen now for 100 inches screen you can buy a manual screen you can buy a motorized screen all can buy a fixed green screen the prices can vary from 10000 to around 20 25000 rupees based upon what sort of screen size you select this is the video aspect of a home cinema system.

now coming back to the audios aspect which is where we need at least of 5.1 channel surround sound system there are two options and how you can complete this the first one is a soundbar and the second one is an install surround sound system now two of our recommendations one is obviously in the Sound Bar category and one in the install sound system category so one is the JBL 5.1 soundbar and the second option is a Yamaha YHT3072 package or there's a bone is a Pioneer HTP-076 model

now on Onkyo is also there with a lot of great packages in this particular segment but the reason I don't recommend cause we have received a lot of complaints with the Onkyo products recently and where we're not getting great service from them as well so that is where I don't want to recommend you are certain system is not greater than that service but yes Yamaha and Pioneer is something that you can surely go for in this particular budget home theatre category.

Now those who want to evaluate what is the next step if not this well in the video aspect you can check out our video top 5 projectors under the lack of rupees and these are some projects which you can consider if not the Epson 650 of the benq MH350 model and in the sound space you can go for JBL bar 9.1 or install speaker packages like elac cinema 5 or a Polk audio TL1600 along with the separate receiver so these are certain packages which are little upgraded in terms of their power output their performance.

so these are certain options that you can look for for a budget home theatre system and for those of you who are looking to invest in something which is future proof for a future-ready Technology will then you should move away from the traditional old definition of home cinema system which was with full HD projector and a 5.1 surround sound system you should consider of investing your money in at least a 4K projector it can be club along with at least a Dolby Atmos surround sound system calls you would need more and more channels audio Experience so this particular combination is something that you can look for to invest if I told you to have that kind of bandwidth to pull.

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