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How to Plan Home Theater Room? Best Practices for Home Theater Room

By Tanmay Mehta 3mins Read July 19,2021

Dedicated Home Theater Room has been on the rise in India and this article aims to encourage people in planning these home theater rooms with the right considerations.

One of the most common mistakes people do while planning for a home theater room is they do not account for 3 main factors or parameters which are of utmost importance in building home theater rooms. The three important factors are as follows –

  • AV Equipment Gear
  • Acoustics
  • Seating

1. AV Equipment Gear –

Any theater room is incomplete without Audio and Video equipment. The audio equipment includes speakers and amplifiers. The Video equipment includesa projector and screen or TV. The nerves of these systems are the cables. HDMI Cables, Speaker Cables, Woofer cables together contribute to the wiring aspect of the Home Theater Room.

The other devices required to run the theater systems are Cable TV networks or DTH Services, OTT Streaming Media Players, Bluray Players, etc.

2. Acoustics –

Home Theater

Acoustic is a combination of Absorption and Diffusion. And acoustic treatment is very important while planning for a home theater room. The right kind of material, color combination, thickness, patterns, etc are some of the aspects of room ambiance.

The colors generally preferred for acoustics in home theater rooms are dark and opaque which do not reflect light. Insulation and Isolation can also be required if you are willing to not let sound travel outside or let outside sound travel in the room.

3. Seating –

Home Theater

Seating comes in various types for home theater rooms. Recliners are the most preferred for relax and comfortable experience. The other types include beds, bean bags, low-height reclining chairs, Indian seating, etc.

The room size and the group accommodation number have to be calculated, and accordingly, a combination of these various types has to be selected to achieve the desired seating arrangement. Curved or flat parallel seating in recliners or chairs is good to blend with the ambiance.

Try to understand your budget and requirements and then plan the Dedicated home theater room.

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