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7 Smart Electronic Investments to Survive Lockdown

By Tanmay Mehta 3mins Read July 06,2020

Lockdown was never experienced by most of the world until the COVID-19 pandemic hit us. This lockdown of staying isolated and staying home with limited supply of essentials have made us rethink on our priorities for smart products. Till date, mobile and laptop were the only smart electronic investments that most of us made in our lives. So here is a list of 7 things that you need to survive lockdown.

1. Amazon Firestick –

Home theatre can be a luxury but TV is a necessity and to make your TVs smart, you need to have Amazon Firestick that enables you to enjoy online content with the help of pre-loaded apps like Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hotstar, Youtube, etc. along with a secret treasure of content in their App Store.

2. Electric Bike –

Fuel can be the commodity only for few who are fighting their lives to keep us alive. So, to ensure that your grocery shopping does not stop with no fuel, make sure to invest in Electric Vehicle. This will help in keeping environment clean along with no sound pollution.

3. Google Home –

You might need another buddy at home to keep you entertained not just with its features, but also a different voice which makes you feel nice. This guest in your home can be your go-to device to share your secrets, assign some tasks and connecting you to world outside with daily news. It can be also used to control your house in terms of lightings, media devices, etc.

4. Play Station –

Indulging in games with your loved ones is one of the best stress buster remedies. Play Station allows you to enjoy online and offline games and is the ideal partner in reliving the old childhood memories that we all have with Super Mario Bros, Contra, Pac Man, Tetris, etc. Enjoying it with your kids, friends or spouse can be fun too.

5. Robotic Vacuum Cleaner –

Staying isolated is the best remedy to reduce the contagion. Expecting maids to come and work can be risky, so to keep your home and surroundings clean and healthy, you need to own a Robotic Vacuum cleaner with Mop which can be programmed to do its job at a particular time every day. These vacuum cleaners are preloaded with tonnes of features like scheduling, digital beams, geographic mapping of house and returning back to base post work. So overall a great investment in this product even when things resume and your maids take a holiday.

6. Dish Washer & Washing Machine –

A task generally done by Maids in our houses has to be mechanized in lockdown times. And hence, the other electronic appliances, of which investments can bring amazing returns are Dishwasher and Washing Machines. The pain of rubbing our hands hard on the soap is reduced to a great extent. The time and efforts saved by this can be utilized in doing something productive and creative.

7. iPad –

Speaking about creativity, iPad is one of the best touch devices which is essential to read digital magazines, books and enjoy art work to name a few. Many colouring apps like Pigment, Color Therapy, April Coloring, Zen Studio can keep your kids busy and at the same time iPads can be a great companion for attending online sessions and to enjoy virtual family gatherings.