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3 Tips to Save Electronics during Power Surge in India

By Tanmay Mehta 3mins Read Nov 21,2020

Are you struggling with damage to your electronics goods with power outrage and voltage fluctuation Then don’t worry this blog will help you.

The common problems reported by users are –

  • Video not seen but the sound is coming from Amplifier or AV Receiver
  • Projector not showing video
  • TV not showing video
  • HDMI port not working
  • Cannot see picture on TV or Projector
  • TV not working after rains
  • Home theater system not working
  • How to Save Electronics during Power Surge in India
  • Video Blinking Problem on TV
  • Video Blinking on Projector

To get rid of these problems, you require 3 things, and in this video, we are going to talk about the same. We have faced these issues with our customers and we highly recommend using these tips to safeguard your premium AV equipment.

In todays blog, we are going to see 3 ways to safeguard our electronics products. First is your set-top box the reason why I'm talking about this device because this is the first device which is one of the biggest damaging devices for your home theatre why is that so well this device works on the basic power supply.that means the product is very vulnerable during these power surges and these products when connected via HDMI cable to the amplifier are going to spoil HDMI cable plus port. When there is rain or facing a lot of power fluctuations shut down you're your equipment.

The second method of safeguarding your devices during power serge is to buy a Surge protector which is reliable, which is good enough to safeguard your product and not give them surges during this time and give them a continuously good constant supply of power which is required for the devices. now I have recommended buying this product.

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Now the third device I recommended to all of you is the HDMI Surge protector.just the way your power Surge protector was there that we spoke above similar HDMI cable is must-have for connecting wires in the home theatre room.but what happens is when you use HDMI cables it's not just transferred the data signal and also carries a little bit of power supply along with it and that is why it has a copper shield.

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