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How to Plan Home theater Room

By Tanmay Mehta 3mins Read Nov 20,2020

3 things you have to consider when planning a home theater room. most of you are planning for a separate room for theatre purpose and there have been so much of doubts on how you should plan this particular theatre room and what are the things that are used together going to contribute in making a great home theatre so that in this particular blog let us understand that the three main things that you need to consider in your home theatre room.

1) AV equipment part -
In AV gear you can have your speakers amplifier then your media players or a gaming console contain place etc. then you have your video equipment which is your screen then your projectoror TV now this video we are going to stick more with the projector screen and a little less with the TV so the audio-video equipment there is the first aspect of it but it is going to incomplete without the cables.

Cables and the audio-video equipment together is no. onerequired that you have to consider when you are planning for a home theatre now many people ask that you know these are the equipment can I just not buy them later why do I need to consult and when it comes to my house interior work when the reason is that you are consultant is going to tell you that which is the right location of the speaker how are you should planyour cable what are the different calculations used based on that he is going to plan for that particular room.He going to tell you what all lights to use what type of lighting has to be done in the theatre home what distance should you seat and for that purpose planning for the home theatre room requires you to hire a consultant at a very early stage. I should go for which is a combination of speakers in my theatre room and all this can happen in the initial stage of planning of your home theatre.

2) Décor -
Decormeans acoustics. Because acoustic plays a very important role in you’re planning for your theatre room. Whenyou’re planning for a theatre room if it's not planned in the ideal manner where you are considering the acoustics then there is no use in it.For that reason, acoustics is the second important parameter that you have to consider when it comes to planning fora home theatre room.Tips you should follow use dark colorsbecause any home theatre room will not great without these dark colors. Colors should reflect light so make sure to use that you need to consider a good carpet on the floor so that feeling of walking into the theatre starts right at the door at the chair you have been surrounded by great colors and good acoustic.

So you have two things to consider when the absorption is and the second is the diffusion because both these things together are going to create that acoustic treatment for your room.We are not saying that you need this room to be fully treated with acoustics you can leave certain elements but you need to consider acoustic very very wisely whenyou are planning for a dedicated home theatre room.Cover your sidewalls and especially the front parts of your site caused by any system in the world these are going to be your first reflection points.And you have to treat them irrespective of what system you buy. The second thing that has to do with acoustics is your carpet floors.So when you are planning for a home theatre room acoustics is the second most important factor or a parameter which you have to think about when designingfor a dedicated home theatre.

3) Chair -
The third thing is a chair orrecliners. now we have come across so many clients in India but they say, we are living in a joint family for this cases you have to consider that how much of that you can spend on the recliners do I need a normal chair, do I need to auditorium chairor am I going to use small beds. Thesetting option needs to be evaluated very very properly when you are planning for a dedicated room.You need to carefully plan for sitting in that particular area or in that particular room so that every buddy is at their comfort so they can enjoy the movie. So these are the 3 major things you have to consider while planning a dedicated home theatre room.