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Types of Speakers for Home Theater

By Tanmay Mehta 3mins Read Nov 18,2020

What are the various types of speakers available in the market and what are the real comparison between these?

In today’s blog, we are going to talk about all the things and all the types of speakers are there in the market? what are the speakers suitable for what sort of environment and what do you expect from speakers when you invest your hard-earned money into these products?

1) Satellite Speakers -
The firstspeaker is Satellite Speaker. This kind of Satellite Speakers are the cheapest the most affordable speakers that one can invest for a basic home cinema setup now these Satellite Speakers are designed to serve an area from around a hundred square feet to a maximum of 200 square ft. so if your area in this particular calculations on this particular measurement you can save your money by investing in this kind of small Satellite Speakers. now another drawback or another disadvantage of a small satellite speaker apart from that they can’t be used for larger areas is that these speakers have a very very less low-frequency response of what I mean by Low-frequency response is that if you see these speakers they have a very very small Twitter and a very small mid-range driver now each sound that comes out from a speaker comes out in a form of a frequency range so you have got the low frequency which is nothing but the base which is from 20Hzto 250Hz then we have a mid-frequency from 250Hz to around 2kHz so this primary the vocal the dialogue that you listened and that of the high-frequency sound that starts from 2KHz to 30KHz now for a human ear your average hearing capacity of frequency range starts from 20Hz to 20KHz and this is primary there in small babies as your age progresses the frequency range startsreducing which means if you buy a 20Hz frequency response but you are not going to able to hear that sound as

For Satellite Speakers you havea 1 and a half inch Twitter and around 3-4 inches mid-range driver these speakers don't give that kind of base which you expect from a speaker and they have to rely a lot on the woofer to do that particular job of producing the low-frequency sound.These are good with your TV.they may not be an ideal choice for speakers for your projector.theseSpeakers are good foran area from 100 square feet to around 200 square.

2) On-wall speaker -
On-wall speakers are 4inch in depth. they look pretty classy next to your TV is they are quite big enough as you can see for instance on this particular speaker you get multiple drivers one Twitter and a couple of base drivers as well.These can be used in a front Centre right or surround application and these are called wall speakers.

If you are buying a 55, 65 inches TV or anything beyond 55 then this kind of speaker looks great.the frequency response is great the base is great cause you to have got multiple drivers doing the job.

3) In-wall speakers -
The in-wall speaker now in all speakers as you are aware of in-ceiling speakers the one which we see in front of Malls or in public places in the ceiling in-ceiling speakers you just this particular grill. this again is around 4 inches in depth. these are again good speakers if you want to hide everything and do not want anything out from the wall these speakers from with grills and these grains are printable.this in-wall speaker is again one step above your Satellite Speakers and this again got a good Twitterand good base driver.probably for certain involved if they don't have multiple of drivers they would like in terms of the base, but again the wooferdoes that job.

4) Bookshelf speakers -
Bookshelf speakers were usually more of an audiophile speakers so that you doing a budgetary 2-channel stereo system I think bookshelf is something you go for the reason being that the volume that they carry inside from higher volume generate a better output, not the speakers again have got a big driver big Twitter and that is where it can produce a larger output compared to a satellite speaker and all these three speakers that is your ow-wall in-wall and the bookshelf lie in the same category of sound compared to a satellite so they are the one stepabove the Satellite Speakers.

5) Floor Standing Speakers -
Floor sanding speaker or tower speaker. these speakers are super huge they consumeyour floor space. they have to be ideal kept on your floors and they have multiple drivers which are huge like they are starting from 5 inches or 6 inches of diameter than they have huge Twitterand the speakers can reproduce a lot of power that is required for home cinema system but for the speakers, you have to compromise your floor space so if at all your willing to let go of that these are good sounding speakers another drawback of this is we have got a limitation of height cause they will be around two and a half to threeft height. when you set a distance of 15 16 feet they come to your ear level if you have multiple rows and you're making a good platform the steps where are you want to plan for a home cinema system then the speakers can be kept on the floor you need to keep them above a height of at least height in inches so that they can cover the sound to the entire room and not just for the first or the second row.

In each category of speakers, you will find various varieties of speakers and you have to identify which speaker is good for you.