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what is multi-room audio?

By Tanmay Mehta 3mins Read Nov 17,2020

Have you heard the term multiroom audio? but do not know what it means. Then this blog is only for you. in today's world, we always speak about “me time” as well as “we time” now what do you mean by that. well, I need my own space as well as I need to choose with whom I want to be at the other times. now just replace with this “I” with music audio and what it becomes is that music in my personal space and music together with the other space.

A traditional definition of multiroom audio is the ability to listen to different music at the same time in different rooms or the same music in different rooms at the same time that is what multiroom Audio is. today we are going to look at what all things are there in multi-room audio, how you need to plan for it. and the next blog we are going to speak about what are the brand's What are product portfolios how you need to decide in terms of what is the right particular solution for you and that we're going to do in our next blog.

let's take one example to begin with how many times does it happen that you are watching a match in your living room but you gotta take a break for lunch or dinner and you have to head to the dining room now what happens if you still want to get be connected with your match so what do you do is connect your dining speaker with living room system and that is where you can always be connected with match by listening to the commentary in your dining area another example that we can take when I talk about multi-room system is let's say that you are you know sitting in your teress or a launge and you want to listen to Radio but inside living room you have your kids watching something on the TV and you really can't avoid that so what are you doing such cases will you have your kids listening to that particular TV match or content what are there listening to and the same time in your terress or launge you play your own choice of music which is radio as we discussed and you can listen to that at the same time which means that your playing two different content or two different audio at the same time in two different places but through one system.

lets you want to schedule an alarm in your entire house especially in your bedrooms and you want your entire family to wake up at the same time what you do is use go to your multiroom app is schedule an alarm at 7 o'clock it starts with an ascending to one and all of a sudden you wake up for your kids wake up and they decide that you know what I don't want to wake up now let me sleep for half an hour or more and then I'll get what they can do is the can just simply turn off the alarm in that particular room while the other bedroom this will still wait for you know that still hear the alarm sound another example is in the evening people in India are particularly if they prefer to play some in a devotional music track so that in the entire house of this so that you have a very very good pleasant atmosphere created and how do you do that again a very simple method just go back to your multi-room system and it can do it for you now I know your loving this real life picture exam you know examples and your actually picture in yourself in it this is exactly what multi-room solution can give you a very very nice life whrerin music is following you in each room and you have the freedom of choosing what you want to play others have the freedom to control their own system and today we are going to talk about all this multiroom system

Now that you know what is a multi-room system with these examples let us dig deeper and try to understand more about this. the most important tool which can connect all these particular systems in various rooms together. Multiroom audio can be a complete wired or wireless setup or it can be a combination of both as well. now for instance, if there are three basic options what you get in any multi-room systems the,

1) Amplifier with speakers
now these can be yourself can be Wall mount speakers this can be Garden speakers for your outdoor purposes it can also be sure floor standing speakers which are paired together as a stereo of these very start of speakers which can connect to an amplifier which means that the first option is that you can get this amplifier and speakers connected to it on your mobile phone on the application and control it using a multi-room app. 2) Soundbar
you buy a soundbar now Soundbar goes with TV so let's see if any particular area has a TV and you want the sound to be enhanced but you don't want to go for a floor-standing speakers repair or anything which is on the wall to get this by a small sleep Sound By and that soundbar or that area can again be added onto your multi-room network. 3) Plug and Play Speaker
The beauty of this option is you don’t need one particular area you can keep on carrying them in the entire house that very very small handy speakers are you can carry anywhere so these are certain speakers which you can use that as a single speaker which will perform in a stereo format or else you can have two speakers and assign them left and right channels and use them in a stereo mode for bigger areas so these are the three options.

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