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How to Choose the Perfect Sound Bar for your TV? 5 Step Guide to Buy a Soundbar in 2021

By Tanmay Mehta 3mins Read July 19,2021

There are tons of soundbars in the market right now, and though some are excellent, others aren’t worthy of the bubble wrap they come in. In today's article, I have shared 5 questions that you should ask before buying any type of soundbar.

Soundbars are one of the important devices if you don’t want to buy a HiFi system for your Home. But, the issue we so many soundbar so little time to decide.

What is the application?

This is the first and foremost question that you should ask yourself before buying any equipment specially. Do you just want to have a better sound from a TV or do you want to create the Atmos surround sound effect in your living room? By answering this question you will able to understand the purpose of buying a soundbar. If your requirement is basic you can buy a basic soundbar than then going for the high-quality soundbar.

What is the Room size –

Are you going to install a soundbar in a small room, medium room, or large room because that’s going to decide so many parameters for your soundbar?Based on the answer we can decide the power we need to create the surround sound or atmos effect.

What is the TV size–

Tv size is another parameter you should consider before buying any soundbar. If you have a small TV then it’s better to go for a smaller soundbar with less power. If your TV size is more than 55inchs then it’s better to go for high power soundbar that will give you great output and sound quality in your living room.

What is the placement of the soundbar –

The 4th question you should ask yourself is are you going to mount the soundbar or keep it on the table? This question is going to decide do you need a soundbar with a wall mount bracket or without it or just keep it on the table and enjoy the sound from the soundbar.

What sort of content I am going to watch? –

The last question you should ask it what sort of content you are going to watch on your tv? i.e. if you're TV is a smart TV and got all sort of 4K, Dolby atmos effect. When you connect your TV with HDMI you have to make sure that the Soundbar supports all the format otherwise there will be a waste of money.

Also, you need to ask yourself how many inputs are you going to connect to the soundbar so you can pickup the right soundbar for your living room.

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