It is a long over due appreciation towards Tanmay Mehta and Touchwood Automations. 4 months back, I had a home theatre system installed in my house. Tanmay helped us choose the right components of home theater system in tune with our budget. He coached us on various aspects of these components and made our decision much easier. Eventually, he put them together in one stunningly impressive, affordable package designed to do one thing: deliver uncompromising audio and video quality to provide a world of entertainment that we had not experienced before.
He was always patient with us, always prompt whenever we called for him. We wish him all the very best.
------Mr. Hrridaysh Deshpande
I had been searching for Home theater System since long time and visited most of the big and known players in Pune city along with couple of individuals who were running their small shops but I must say, Touchwood Automations and especially Tanmay Mehta stands out amongst all of those. He was very thorough in explaining all the nitty-gritties of home theaters and not only helped me zero down on one combination quickly that suits my need and budget but also gave me a great pricing on it. He is very responsive when it comes to queries and makes sure that he responds to the call unlike others who are interested in serving only big clients and only those who are interested in buying the brands they want to sell and not what customers are looking for and can afford.
I wish Tanmay and Touchwood Automations all the best for future and hoping to get same service all the times as they grow in their business.
------Mr. Deepak Zambre
I would like to specifically mention that it was a wonderful experience dealing with Touchwood Automations and specially Tanmay ! When I decided to buy home theater system I had known few of the renowned players in the market. But the experience was too professional ! I could get some information but very technical. I was looking for somebody who understands the layman's language and would be able to guide. I am glad to say I found all these things with Touchwood Automations. Tanmay's patience is truly remarkable. I had gone with several permutations and combinations before freezing but at no point I got a feeling that he is not interested. Generally people immediately stop responding if they feel that the deal is taking a long time to click. Thanks to Touchwood Automations for the same.
I generally find that many such agencies / people when they grow in business they leave this wonderful property. I would recommend Tanmay to keep it lifelong. I am sure this will make him stand amongst top people in the field that he has chosen forever.
I wish him all the best. Our association will continue whenever I am in need of any new product !!!
------Mr. Deepak Kulkarni
Your services were very valuable and prompt as committed. I was very happy with the overall installation and also satisfied with the speed of delivery.
------Mr. Rahul Ray
It gives me pleasure to write about Touchwood Automations (TA). When I decided to upgrade my decade old Yamaha home theatre with a HD/3D projector setup about two months ago, TA was quick to respond to my needs with amazing alacrity.
Though I admit to being wary initially due to TA being essentially a one man outfit, Mr. Tanmay Mehta, the young and dynamic owner, responded to my technical queries and doubts with professional efficiency. He understood my needs and came up speedily with cost effective solutions that were tailor made to suit my requirements in installing an advanced home theatre with a 120 inch screen and a HD/3D projector, in my drawing hall.
Besides being highly satisfied with his recommendations on the equipment configuration and prices, I was happy when TA ensured quick delivery of the ordered AV receiver, the screen, the blu ray player and the projector. Their team did a thorough job on the equipment installation without any delay.
I must say that TA ran the extra mile to give me complete satisfaction in my purchasing experience with their professionalism and efficiency.
I highly recommend TA to all prospective home theatre customers.
------Mr. Rajendra Teredesai
I like the way you handle your client and there expectations. Also the after sale service is much appreciated. I hope this will continue in near future also. I wish all the best to you. Do well and continue this business with the same attitude.
------Mr. Ashish Chaudhari
Thanks a lot for your kind support for installing Home Theater System.
Service Rendered was at par and as per commitment. Your advice on technical issues was excellent.
Highly satisfied.
Look forward to continual support.All the Best for your future endeavor.
------Mr. Prashant Shitole
Even after being a new company in the automation industry their prompt n quick services have made them an undoubted ranker with speedy completion of projects along with high quality finishing.
------Mr. Raju Shah

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